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Leading in Biblical Counselling

PTC’s National Centre for Biblical Counselling is at the forefront of Biblical Counselling in Australia. 
We are grateful for all the that Lord has enabled us to do in the last two decades.


PTC was the first college in Australia to offer training in Biblical Counselling and has offered courses in this area for almost 20 years. Back in 2003, PTC committed to hosting guest lecturers from CCEF. The first lectures were taken by Ed Welch in 2006 in his first of three visits to PTC.

OUR People

We have graduates currently in ministry as biblical counsellors. Our lead Biblical Counselling lecturer is the Executive Director of Biblical Counselling Australia and we have tutors and trainers from around Australia who have studied at PTC and with CCEF in Philadelphia.


We offer fully online courses and a Biblical Counselling focus can be taken within most of PTC’s awards. A degree can be as short as six months full time. An individualised pathway can combine biblical, theological, and practical units with a major focus on Biblical Counselling.


CCEF in Philadelphia has generously assisted the Centre, providing course material and sending lecturers for intensives. Pictured is Ed Welch at PTC in 2023.

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Advancing Biblical Counselling

PTC National Centre for Biblical Counselling consolidates what has been established at PTC and seeks to develop Biblical Counselling in Australia. We look to the Lord to lead us as we seek to advance Biblical Counselling in Australia. The Centre provides and promotes:

Education & Training

Education and training in Biblical Counselling for church members, pastors, biblical counsellors, and supervisors. Biblical-counsellor development

Research & Writing

Biblical-theological thinking, research, and writing in the field of Biblical Counselling

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care training

Church & Parachurch support

Biblical Counselling in Church and para-Church ministry settings

Biblical Counselling training

These two units give a great foundation for taking further units in Biblical Counselling.

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PTC is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology and is approved to deliver its courses.

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The National Centre for Biblical Counselling is a centre of PTC, a Reformed, evangelical Bible college training people for ministry and mission

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